5 Signs that You Need to Replace Your Windshield

One of the challenges of owning a car is trying our best to keep it in good shape. Aside from the interior parts, which needed to be in top shape to keep on working, it’s also important to take care of the vehicle’s exterior appearance. That’s why keeping your windshield in its good condition is important. However, there are factors that can affect the appearance of our windshield.  


Damages in windshield should not be disregarded because it can block your vision, leading to accidents and additional damages. If you have been having the following problems, it’s time to have your windshield replaced at windshield replacement lees summit.  

  1. Chips  

The chips in your windshield is caused by fallen walnut from a tree, road debris and other objects that have fallen to your vehicle. The damage of the chips could be small, and sometimes they can be filled in if it doesn’t block the line vision of the driver. However, with other damages, it should still be addressed. If the chip is located directly at the line of the driver’s vision, then a replacement is necessary because you’re putting yourself at risk.  

  1. Scratches 

Vehicles can get scratches from time to time, including the windshield. The good thing is that it doesn’t cause any distressing damage to the vehicle. It doesn’t also cause the entire windshield to shatter. However, no matter how small the damage is, you should address it. Scratches can also obscure the vision of the driver and might cause accidents. Like chips, if scratches are directly in line of the driver’s vision, the windshield should be replaced.  

  1. Cracks 

Cracks, not matter the size, should be repaired because they are dangerous if not addressed right away. Unfixed cracks are one of the causes of accidents. Even if they are not directly in line of the driver’s vision, cracks can also cause distractions. It might also grow or spread overtime, especially if debris always fall off your vehicle. No matter how small or big a crack is, it should be repaired. Most of the time, replacement is needed because the cracks could get bigger.  

  1. Shattered Windshield 

Once the windshield, call a technician or professional right away. Do not use the vehicle if the shattered windshield is not yet fixed. If you’re somewhere not near your house, you can call a mobile windshield repair to do the replacement or repair on site. Your car’s windshield is not important part of your car, which supports the roof too. Lack of replacement or improper repair can cause the roof to collapse. This will lead to more damages, accidents and injuries. Do not use your car unless you have your windshield fixed.  

  1. Pitting on the Surface 

If you take out your car everyday, it’s exposed to flying debris like cast-off from other vehicles and sharp rocks. Over time, the debris will lead to the pitting of your windshield. The small pits will scatter the light it reflects, this will make it difficult for the driver to focus on the road ahead.  

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